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Review: Promise Me This, by Christina Lee

Promise Me This: Between Breaths - Christina Lee

To say that I enjoyed this book would be a bit of an understatement. There was a great story, but it was the characters that grabbed me and took me for an emotional ride.


On the surface this book is great for someone looking for some steamy sex scenes, a great slow building romance within a complicated friendship. But it’s much more than that. Getting both Nate and Jessie’s points of view to tell this story allowed me as a reader to see each character for who they were and to not just have me speculate on each side of the story. I got the honest true, with no punches pulled. Especially from Nate’s POV, with the demons he’s battling throughout the book, a no holds barred account is what made me love the book.


This isn’t an easy story to digest either. A lot goes down that isn’t going to be easy for some readers to stomach, even I was tense for some scenes, but it’s worth it in the end. Great books for me are often those that pull at the heart while exploring uncomfortable sides of human nature.


If Promise Me This, with its character’s depths and lack of restraint on tough topics, is any indication of the rest of Lee’s Between Breaths series, I’m going to have some more books to go out and enjoy. This is a book that’ll stay with me for a while.

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