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Review: Christmas Catch, by Chelsea M. Cameron

Christmas Catch: A Holiday Novella - 'Chelsea M. Cameron',  'The 12 NAs of Christmas'

I had this novella on my Kindle for almost a year. I almost read it a few times, but figured it was best left to be read closer to the holiday season. I think, now having finished it, that it was a good decision. Even as a person who doesn’t celebrate the holidays much, it had a lighthearted, good-time cheer to it that I needed with winter settling on around me.

Like other Cameron books I’ve read, there’s a great sense of place in Christmas Catch. As usual I felt connected with the setting of this small town in Maine. I also felt a good connection with Ivy, the main character, with her attitude toward her hometown; the good and the bad. I feel that this added to my uncertainty of the story’s outcome, as well. For a story without too much depth, this was a welcomed uncertainty.

Christmas Catch was just what I needed to read this time of year. Even if I didn’t feel it’s in the same league as Cameron’s novels that I’ve read so far, it’s still a great read since ultimately I base a book on itself. If the author writes more about Ivy and Sawyer, I’ll be sure to read it.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/review-christmas-catch-by-chel_c_cam