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Review: Firefly, by Jen Minkman

Firefly: (A Dystopian Story of Christmas) - Jen Minkman

Firefly is the second Minkman work of fiction I’ve read. The first was The Island, and like that novella, this short story incorporates some cultural elements from our world into a dystopian society far in the future where our society has been long forgotten. I enjoyed the way Minkman worked these into this story.


The author was able to build up a great world for this not being too long of a story. But with that, I feel it didn’t leave much room for the story itself. It was paced well, and was building up for a good conclusion, but then it just ended. It was this ending that dropped my rating down a bit. It wasn’t that this is a cliff-hanger for another story, either. It felt as if another scene or two were cut off the end, considering where the story was headed. There was room for expansion on the underlying conflict if it had kept going.


All in all, I enjoyed the story mostly. Minkman’s writing still has the ability to draw me in. It was just lacking near the end.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/review-firefly-by-jenminkman