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Review: Make it Count, by Megan Erickson

Make it Count - Megan Erickson

Like New Adult books I’ve enjoyed, Erickson’s Make it Count tells a story with a realistic college setting with realistic characters readers can relate to. There’s nothing too dramatic in this book, even though there are a range of emotions and some heated moments.


Erickson’s writing is has a refreshing, lighthearted feel to it for most of the book. It made for an inviting read that kept me wanting to come back to the book more and more. As the story went along, and the characters developed along with the plot, it was hard to put down. I thought the author source of conflict (the main conflict and the minor ones) were great and I’m happy to read a fresh take on what can be a major source of conflict in a college age book.


I really enjoyed the cast of characters, the main characters and the side characters who I feel we’ll see develop even more in the next Bowler University books. What Erickson did with Kat’s character really made the book work for me. She might be one of my favorite characters that I’ve read recently. I also liked Danica a lot and hope she gets a bigger role in the future.


Soon up for me is Make it Right, and I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to Erickson’s books for a long time. Make it Count was definitely a great reading choice for me.

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