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Review: Aurora Sky, by Nikki Jefford

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter - Nikki Jefford

This is the first of Jefford’s books that I’ve read, but I’ve known about her work for quite some time. Now, with this one under my belt, I’m not going to put off the rest for as long. This was a great start to what seems like an addicting series, and it seems I have some catching up to do with yet another book coming out soon.


I really enjoyed Aurora Sky, even if I had some issues with it, which I’ll get to. The big picture was great and I think the story was paced well to keep me hooked and moving forward. I think Jefford’s developed some enjoyable main characters and at times it felt like I was really in the cold, barren setting of Alaska.


I also thought the premise was a great one. (I’m not giving much away, this is mainly in the book’s description) The government has a “secret” vampire hunter department and Aurora is forced into it. I say forced because she doesn’t have much choice since they spent a lot of resources on keeping her alive after her car accident. This leads me to one issue: the government agents don’t train Aurora, but throw her out in the field hoping she’ll land on her feet. She’s a dull teenager before all this and is only taking kickboxing classes after school for a few weeks. I felt that if these agents were trying to rid of the world of bad vampires, they’d take the time to really train their hunters and communicate with them better on what their job is.


There was also a “big reveal” that I saw from very early on, which Aurora was oblivious to. It also supports my questioning of the agents’ training methods. Yet, despite all of this, I don’t feel it dampened my enjoyment of the book that much. It was easy to gloss over it and let the story grab me. I think it will be a great series after this, and more will be developed in terms of building this “underground” vampire/government world, and also the characters will have some room to grow and I’m sure many more great characters will show up along the way.


It was a quick, fun read and I don’t read too many vampire books. I’m going to have to start the author’s Spellbound series soon as well to see what that series has in store for me.

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