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Review: Turtle Bay, by Tiffany King

Turtle Bay: a beach read (Seasons of Love Book 1) - Tiffany King

Tiffany King has written another Young Adult book! This fact alone makes me happy, but that comes second to the fact that I truly enjoyed this book. When I first discovered King’s writing, it was through her YA books (Wishing For Someday Soon was the first). Her more recent books have been New Adult, and great in their own right. King’s return to YA exceeded my expectations. She definitely has a knack for it.


One of the greatest strengths Turtle Bay has is its characters. Rain/Rainbow was one of my favorite main characters I’ve read in King’s books. Her parents add some quirkiness to the story, but aren’t used for comic relief which can be a path some authors might take with “hippie” parents like Butch and Buttercup. They’re great parents and Rain’s relationship with them, while a bit strained, is enviable.


Josh is also a great character, even if I wasn’t too sure about him at the start. He soon won me over though. Without many of the other secondary characters, this book wouldn’t have been what it is. I’m missing many of them, even so soon after finishing the book.


I also thought that the author did a great job of setting up the Florida beach town setting, with its class issues, and other issues. I think incorporating environmental awareness into the whole thing was done perfectly, as well. While Josh’s and Rain’s parents are very vocal about their love for our world, none of it came across as preachy or too “in your face”. It was a great plot device and a good choice for the beach setting at the same time.


Tiffany King has won me over again, bringing joy and some tense, and even sad, moments. Turtle Bay is going to stay with me for some time and has made it’s way high on my list of favorite books.

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