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Review: Roadside Assistance, by Thomas Winship

Roadside Assistance - Thomas Winship

I’m glad I picked up this short story. It gave me a chance to find out what Winship’s writing talents really are. Until now, I’d only read two of the three books from the Vaempires series. I loved them. They’re filled with action, great characters, and a great story that I can’t wait to dive back into soon. But Roadside Assistance takes place in the real world. It’s a departure from the sci-fi/paranormal and future setting that the Vaempire series has. I feel that this drastic change, for me as a reader, worked better than some authors can pull off.


The story brings the reader into the head of the main character Hannah during a horrible accident. It’s a great look into how someone’s thought process works in crisis and what the human body can do to overcome life threatening situations. For me, this was a new side of Winship. It’s not present in his series and I admire when an author can show a diversity in writing styles.


I think at a few parts, the pacing didn’t work great for me. But when a story tackles what this one does, a little dragging here and there isn’t a big deal. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last section, but I did like how the author brought focus to one of the themes that I felt slowly got more and more important to the main character. I wasn’t exactly sure of the outcome of this story, and had many ideas as it progressed. Turns out I was wrong with each expectation, and that’s always a sign of a great story for me.


I’m looking forward to seeing what else Winship ends up writing, whether it’s Vaempire related or another story like this. I think it’ll be a welcomed read, whatever ends up being released.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/review-roadside-assistance-by-vaempires