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Review: Before You Break, by Christina Lee

Before You Break  - Christina  Lee

Before You Break surprised me in many ways. I read Lee’s Promise Me This which is another book in her Between Breaths series. I enjoyed that one. I knew I’d like Lee’s writing from that novel alone, and it came through in Before You Break, as well. What I wasn’t expecting is for Lee to have another set of characters that I didn’t want to stop reading about.


The characters weren’t the only compelling things in this book. The portrayal of their stories, both the trouble pasts and their current issues, felt very real and relatable on many levels (even if readers haven’t gone through the exact experiences). I also appreciate the pace the romance took. It was as far from an instalove as you can get, but wasn’t frustrating to wait for either.


There’s a small detail that irked me a bit while reading the book, but at the same time I was able to push it aside because of how amazing everything else in this story was. It’s rare that I can ignore a detail like this one, but the fact that it didn’t ruin my reading of this book (when it could have) shows me the strengths in Lee’s writing and will keep me coming back to each of her books in this series and more.

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