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Review: An Unexpected Joy, by Susan Hatler

An Unexpected Joy (Treasured Dreams Book 6) - Susan Hatler

Susan Hatler’s Treasured Dreams series is almost done. This story, An Unexpected Joy, is the sixth installment in Holly and Dave’s life story. It’s also one that caught me by surprise in a few ways.


What I enjoyed about this story is that Holly was the one driving the story (and series story arc) forward. In the last few, Holly was the one in for a surprise with what was going to happen by the end of the story. Now, Holly had the chance to hold all the cards. It was a nice change of pace to have Dave be out of the loop.


From the title of the seventh story, I can tell what the focus will probably be. At the same time, there’s something unresolved (not in a cliff hanger way, don’t worry) in this story that will most likely carry over to An Unexpected Baby that I’m looking forward to reading about. That’s making me want it to be February even sooner.

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