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The Cowboy's Bride - Danielle Lee Zwissler A DNF book - If I had pushed through and finished this book, I feel that I couldn't have given it more than a solid 2 star rating/review.

Here are my status updates:
"A few chapters in. Not sure how it'll turn out for me. Character mood swings and a few other strange things. Maybe it'll turn around in the later half."
"Might be a DNF, but I might push on through. Not sure yet."

The character's continued to have sudden mood swings and changes of character. One second the male lead would be a complete asshole, then in the next paragraph he'd be in love with the female lead and a "perfect" gentleman. The same can be said for the female lead. One second she's pushing the guy out the door, literally. Then shortly after, she's being proposed to and is going to go through with it.

There are some other issues I had with this story, but it's been a few weeks since I opened it up and I don't do full DNF reviews. Just too much for me to want to keep reading.