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Left Drowning - Jessica Park This is an ARC review.

I’ve read a few of Jessica Park’s books in recent months and they’re great. But none of them have come close to how Left Drowning has blown me away.

Park has written a story that pulls at the reader’s emotions. Pulls in many different directions, and it doesn’t let go even after the story’s over. It does this by creating characters that have so many great, loveable qualities, as well as many flaws and troubled pasts.

What I really felt was great about Left Drowning’s storyline is that it wasn’t just the story of Blythe coping with her tragic past and finding herself. It was also about the Shepherd family, who are in need of their own way to deal with the past. It’s a complicated journey, but that’s not a negative. It’s organized and won’t trip the reader up. There are so many different issues occurring at once that there isn't a boring part of this book. I kept on reading and reading and becoming more emotionally invested in each character as it went along.

Why is there a mention of sexual content in the description? Well, this book does get very steamy at times. And I feel like this wasn’t added in just for the sex appeal. I felt it was a great tool to show a unique bond between characters. It showed the passion, the hurt, the need for escape.

I haven’t come across a book like Left Drowning in a long time. It pushes the envelope in some aspects, but with a story like this it pushed just far enough without going over-the-top. It’s realistic. The characters drew me in. The overall emotional feel throughout captured my attention early on. When the characters relived their troubling events, I felt like I was there seeing it with them. I wanted to help in some way. Park is very effective when it comes to the descriptions in this book. There won’t be many readers with dry eyes, at times. But there will also be many smiles, especially when Sabin in involved.