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Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse - Ford Forkum What was so great about this story? Many things. First: the title. I know that it basically tells you what you’re in for. It leaves no mystery…but it works. I read the title and knew I wanted to see what it was about. How on Earth (or in the Universe, haha) would an author write a story involving Zombies AND Aliens without making a worthless piece of crap story? Well, I think it all comes down to whether the author has a good story behind the “clever” idea of throwing random disasters together.

Forkum put a brilliant twist this story. I was expecting one thing, and got something much better. Aliens coming to Earth with plans on destroying things, only to find out Zombies have already done the job for them. And what else happens that I enjoyed? No, no, I can’t reveal that here. You need to read it for yourself.

What I can discuss is the writing. There is nothing spectacular about the writing. It’s not going to be the “next great literary story of our time.” First of all, I don’t think there are many of today’s writers who’d be up for that honor. I don’t really care about that anyway. What I do care about is that the writing is clearly intelligent enough to for a humorous yet moist read. Authors can throw together a piece and I’ll just put it down because it’s too dry, tries to be too clever by being too wordy, and other ways that harm a story (in my reading eye).

In short, since I may have started a tangent with that last bit, I greatly enjoyed this story. I was refreshing. It was a bit off the normal look on zombies and doomsday. The solution to the conflict was amusing. And there was also a good use, but not overuse, of commentary on the state of human beings. All in all, if you like a bit of humor, some zombies, aliens, and vampires, you might like this story. It takes no time at all to read and will leave you with a smile.