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Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One - Livia Ellis When I first say the title of this book I was intrigued. What would a gigolo have to say about his life? And this is an erotica story, so I knew there's be a lot of sexual aspects to it as well. Yet I was pleased that it wasn't all sex.

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One is the great kick off to the new series. I feel that it established the story-line in a great way. There's a good amount of background to establish the main character and his financial situation, leading to him decide the next stage in his life.

I'm always pleased when there's a balance between sex and story in erotica. When there isn't I don't feel like it's worth reading. But like in this story, when there's just the right amount to get a reader aroused (what I think is what erotica tries to accomplish) as well as keeping the story going forward, I enjoy it. It's well written throughout and I'm going to continue with the series as soon as I can.

I'm confident in saying Livia Ellis has a hit on her hands.