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Vaempires: Zombie Rising - Thomas  Winship *This is a review of an ARC received from the author for an honest review.

Vaempres: Zombie Rising is a great continuation of book 1 of the Evolutionary War series, Vaempires: Revolution. In that book, we follow Daniel the newly appointed acting-leader of the Vampires kingdom after a worldwide revolt by the Vaempires. He’s racing across the city of Orion in search of his friends and Princess Cassandra. Zombie Rising takes on the less seen view-point of Daniel’s best friends Linq and Ray.

For a majority of this novella the reader follow alongside Linq and Ray as they make their way toward their friend’s Daniel and Cassie who were last known to be at the royal palace. Along the way there is a large amount of action while the two teenage vampires battle occasional Vaempires. This was a welcomed element carrying over from Book 1. I loved the action, the fast paced reading, and was pleased to know I could fly through this one and not want to put it down.

Aside from straight up action, this novella has some slower paced moments, as well. I didn’t mind them at all. When following Daniel, the almost non-stop action fit his character’s personality of always moving forward toward the goal. When reading about Linq and Ray, there’s a slightly different feel. There’s more planning involved. There’s also a little less rush to get to the Palace due to slight lack of urgency.

It was also great meeting up with Cassie again briefly. The reader is able to see just how much of a bad a** she is and how quick thinking she is. All of the characters in Winship’s books have been great to get to know, not just Cassie.

With the surprises that occurred at the ending of this novella, even if this sounds obvious from the 5 star rating, I can’t wait for the next installment. All I’ll allow myself to say about it is that I hope Thomas Winship is working on whatever title comes next….right now. I need to keep reading about the Evolutionary War.