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Kevin and the Multicolored Infinity Car of Light - Geltab Normally I don't rate a DNF book, but this is one that I felt needed a rating.

I got 33% into it before stopping, and being that that's 27 out of only 85 Kindle "locations," it shows it took a lot to not simply finish the story.

My main issue with reading this story is that the author doesn't seem to know the difference between a comma and a period. There are many commas used in the third that I've read. A large amount should have been periods. Some, if used as periods, would have created many fragmented sentences. The story was very chopping and really didn't begin to grab me.

Probably one of my harsher reviews, but this one really needs to get a second set of eyes on it. There might be a better story in here, in the end, but I can't get through it enough to find out.