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Bitten - H.M. Green I thought the concept behind this story was clever. I think this could be a good introduction to a larger story involving the literary agency in the story.

The issues I had with this is the lack of sympathy for the author character, and the predictability of what the agent would end up doing. I wasn’t a long story, but I felt myself wanting to get to the end a bit faster than I was.

As I said, I think this could be a bigger story. There’s more behind the agent’s motives than what we see. There’s a huge industry that caught my attention, but wasn’t really given the chance to develop here.

If the author were to write a story set in the same storyline as Bitten, I think I’d check it out. I’d just hope there’d be a little more to it. Some stories are meant to be short, but this one didn’t feel like it was given the room to grow.