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Building a Promotional Package: How to Prepare for Your Successful Book Launch - Michael K. Rose I don’t normally check out books of this kind, but I’ve read a few of Rose’s stories and seen his promotional work around the web. Being that I’m somewhat familiar with how he gets his name out there, I figured I’d take a look at this ebook to see what information Rose has to help authors out.

Even though most of the information in this book isn’t new to me, being that I have a few books out and have some my own form of promotion for each, it was still a great book to read. I can say that there are many new authors out there that this could benefit, and even some experienced authors who could use this to boost or alter their own methods of promotion.

The information is presented is a very organized fashion, and it would be easy to go back to in the future for reference. The reader isn’t bogged down with too much information or terminology. It’s easy to follow.

The examples that the author includes in this book is directly from his own promotion, which in its own way shows another area to promote one’s own work. At times doing this could seem too self-serving, but I didn’t feel like Rose was pushing his work on the reader. The way everything was worded worked very well throughout the book.

If you’re an author looking for a place to start or haven’t found a way or promotion to work to your liking, I’d suggest checking this book out. While its basic information, it’s still very helpful and I’d recommend trying some of it out.