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It Happened in Vegas - Corinne E. Victoria This was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I picked it up after a friend who enjoyed it told me about a free day recently. There’s not much to go on from the description as you can see. It’s really just a paragraph taken from the book and letting you know a threesome is involved. And while that’s the case, it wasn’t just another erotic short that got lost in my Kindle.

The author did more establishing of the story than she did with the execution of the “erotic finisher.” I think this was a welcomed change from many stories that barely attempt to create a plot; barely evoke the fantasy that the reader is part of the story. There was enough time given to see the lead up, to immerse yourself into what was happening, then the action took place.

I only wish for the later to have been a little bit longer to balance out the story, but at the same time, I feel this could easily work into a “part 2″ situation that would help that balance take place. Though, it still is a story that’s great as it is, without any additions.