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I, Zombie - Keith  Nichols This was a quick read and I think that's why I continued on through the entire thing. I don't think I was expecting a story like this from the description given. I think I was expecting a bit more substance to it when the words "thought provoking" were thrown around.

The narrator seems a bit all over the place in his short account of his "life." That's to be expected when you're trying to either kill yourself or run from those trying to kill you. There's a bit of both going on here, and his actual goal is uncertain. It also doesn't help that one of the most common words in this book is "f***." I'm completely fine with the use of "vulgar" language. I just fee it was overused and helped in making the story repetitive, and a little more boring.

I could have done without the underlining of the entire text as well. I'm not sure why this story was like that, but it might just be a random error in formatting. To go along with that, I found some places where editing would come in handy. Or was this because the narrator only has 6 fingers to type with? Haha, it's possible. I have read stories with disclaimers stating the errors are on purpose.