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an old song for wrong women (BlankVerseDead folio edition) - Pablo D'Stair I received this poem late last week and finally found the time to get around to reading it today. I felt like doing a review on my first impression of the poem before a secondary, and I'm sure tertiary reading. From the beginning I was turned away by the use of repetition. It's a turn off for me with poetry; I'm learning to be able to work past it. As this was my first read I stumbled a bit. Upon reading "II" I felt a little better. Pablo's lack of punctuation throughout the entire poem can be a bit tricky, but it works well in this section. The flow from one line straight into the next, while not fully taking in what was being said, hooked me. There is beautiful imagery scattered throughout the poem as well. In any case, for now I can't give this poem more than 3 stars, solely because it will take me, personally, a few reads to fully comprehend the piece. Overall, as it is obvious, I didn't want to stop reading or throw this book away. That is a good sign. While I am a poet, I still have trouble reading some poetry. Some of the style is out of my comfort zone, but I feel that more enjoyment will come from this piece soon enough. I look forward to reading more from Pablo's BlankVerseDead folio series.

This book was received through a Good Reads giveaway.