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The Rookie (Flash Fiction) - Kirkus MacGowan Let me first remind everyone that this was a very short piece of fiction. It’s clearly labeled flash fiction. It took me only a few minutes to get through the roughly “just over 500 words,” which made it perfect to read just before bed. It also makes it great to read, and come back and re-read every now and then.

Being a fan of baseball since an early age, The Rookie touched me. It’s a simple story but it brought back my own childhood memories of playing ball in my yard or Little League. I was in the main character’s shoes as he stepped up to the plate, the whole game riding on his shoulders.

I’m leave anything else I want to say out of this. It’s difficult to not give too much away for a 500 word piece. It was definitely worth me picking up and reading. I haven’t read many flash fiction pieces because I normally stick to at least at least a “short story” length (whatever that actually means, haha). But in the pieces I’ve read, this one is beautifully crafted, short, and to the point. MacGowan took a limited amount of words and didn’t waste any of them.