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Fifty Shades of Gray: Zombie Sex Dungeon - William T. Finkelbean I bought this one as a freebie on Amazon a few days ago. The title was what grabbed me. What kind of parody of Fifty Shades could this be? Well I don't know if it's as much a parody as the title made me thing at first, but I wasn't disappointed.

I'll start by saying this was better than I expected. When the words "zombie" and "sex" are thrown together, gagging is pretty much the next thing that happens. I mean some people might be into that stuff for whatever reason, but I'm not. I think the overall idea of having a zombie "invade" a dominatrix dungeon is hilarious. The sexual aspects of this book are awkward but not as grotesque or absurd as they could have been.

I didn't hate the story. It didn't wow me as remarkable either. I could give the author another shot with another story.