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Review: Dead Man Walking, by Marty Shaw

Dead Man Walking - Marty Shaw

I grabbed a copy after a friend had tweeted about it, the other day. It’s at times like those when I have the chance of finding a gem. In this case, I did find a gem of a story by grabbing a copy of Dead Man Walking.


While this story might have been a little short for my liking, it wasn’t obnoxiously short. It was a fast paced read that didn’t waste time in getting the story out. It’s because of the pace, that I feel it could have been lengthened just a little bit to expand on a few areas. Though, it in no way killed the story.


One of the great things about this zombie story it leans toward a different type of virus “origin.” It’s not spoiler to mention that voodoo is afoot, though the full explanation isn’t revealed. I’m hoping for a reveal of that factor in the coming stories. The main character, Griffin, had no time to really piece things together due to him trying to stay alive.


f you’re looking for a fast read, full of action and the undead, check out Dead Man Walking. It was an exciting story and I have hopes for the next story in the series, Zombie Queen.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/review-dead-man-walking-by-marty-shaw