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Review: Passion and Ponies, by Tara Sivec

Passion and Ponies (Chocoholics #2) - Tara Sivec

Chocolate Lovers series, winners. First book of the Chocoholics series, Love and Lists, another winner. That’s four books leading up to Passion and Ponies. Four books that I thoroughly enjoyed, each building off of the preceding book(s). But when an author continues a series (I’ll consider this one series, even though the Chocoholics is a spin-off of theChocolate Lovers, it’s a continuation as well) into a fifth book, some doubts might arise about it bringing something new to the playing field or whether the series will run out of steam. Early on in reading P&P I knew that Sivec had done it again. This is another great book filled with not just hilarious moments that have become a trademark of Sivec’s writing, but also a deeper look into some characters that might not have been taken seriously in the past.


This book focuses a relationship that was hinted at in Love and Lists, Ava and Tyler’s strange attraction. Before this book, Tyler is really only seen as an overgrown child (much like many of the characters during the Chocolate Lovers series). Being able to get part of this story from Tyler’s point of view added depth to his and an understanding about who he actually is. He wasn’t just Gavin’s roommate who tagged along all the time. The same can be said about Ava and getting her point of view. Seeing the development of these two characters over the course of the book gave me a better appreciation for these books, even though I enjoyed them already.


As always, this book doesn’t lack in laugh out loud moments (I maybe have actually laughed a few times). The same crude humor can be found within the pages, but it doesn’t get in the way of the main storyline. It only enhances the book. In past books, as a reader, my enjoyment was focused more on the comedy than on what the bigger picture was. I think Sivec shows that she’s grown as a writer since then to improve her story telling even more.


Will I read another Chocoholics book if there is to be another? Of course. I don’t think I’ll be getting tired of these characters for a long time. It seems that there is an endless supply of great stories that can come out of this side of Tara Sivec.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/arc-review-passion-and-ponies-by-tarasivec