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Review: Misunderstandings, by Tiffany King

Misunderstandings (A Woodfalls Girls Novel) - Tiffany King

I've been a fan of Tiffany King since I picked up her young adult novel Wishing For Someday Soon, more than two years ago. I've enjoyed everything I read after WFSS, as well. With knowing King's writing, and having some of her books as my "go-to" recommendations, I was a little disappointed when I was reading Misunderstandings.


One of the main things I didn't enjoy about this book was that it kept switching from the present to the past, between each chapter and even within chapters. As the description reveals, Brittni is stuck in an elevator with her ex, Justin. While in there goes over her relationship and its demise. That is where the meat of the story is, but the switching between the elevator and events from two years earlier kept pulling me out of the story.


I also felt that I only got to see the characters on the surface, and what deeper understanding of the characters I did get was just told to me. It wasn't shown in the writing. I found it hard to care for Brittni or Justin, or their relationship. This also didn't aid in my connection with everything that happened in the later third of the book when the story started moving forward and stuck to being only in the present.


There is a great story to be told here though. There's a major plot point that could be used to pull in the reader, to sympathize with both characters (and even secondary characters). Even this wasn't written much more than on the surface, for me.


Despite this, I know there will be readers who'll enjoy this quick read. And I will be looking forward to other releases from Tiffany King. I know there's more to be enjoyed from her Woodfalls Girls books, after having read Cross Country Christmas last year. King fans shouldn't pass this up, though. Maybe the format of how the story unfolds will be to your liking. I'm just on ereader.

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