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Review: Cruelty (Episode One), by Edward Lorn

Cruelty (Episode One) - Edward Lorn

This is the first episode of Cruelty and I'll throw it out there that I'm not sure if I'll continue onto the next one. It wasn't poorly written or anything like that, but it all felt a bit mundane and was lacking something to hook me in. I was expecting more to the horror elements, but it didn't seem to "scare" or "shock" me. It had a "wtf, that's gross" thing going for it, for some readers, but I felt that it was telling it too much of it, not showing it. Showing would have allowed for more emotional attachment to the scenes.

Still it wasn't a total loss for me if I look at the last bit. While it might have revealed a lot early on (first of ten episodes), I felt it was the only part of the story that really grabbed my attention. I might keep on with the serial to see where it goes from here, because of the ending, but as for the other stuff, it wasn't my thing.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/968701123