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Review: Twinkle and the Little Red Ball, by P.C. Marotta

Twinkle and The Little Red Ball - P.C. Marotta

This was a cute children’s book to read and it has a great message in it for children to learn from. I’m confident young readers (or listeners if they can’t read the book just yet) will enjoy the story and want to read it many times over. I wouldn’t be surprised if Twinkle and his other canine friends showed up in future books. They’re cute characters, great for a children’s story.


The only real issue I had was with the layout of the book. The illustrations were well-done, but I felt that they should have been on pages facing the text that corresponded with the image. Instead, the book starts out with text on page one, then on page 2 (the back of page one) the image that goes with the text is found. For a child, and even myself as an adult, I feel that it’d be a better experience to see the image while reading the text. Flipping to the next page for it didn’t work. I remember reading as a child and that the pictures were just as important as the words. But it might be a slight issue for others, that’d be overlooked quick enough.


Again, this would probably be a great addition to a child’s book collection. As an added bonus, there are a few pages at the end of the book with uncolored illustrations for a child to color in his/herself. I found that to be a nice touch.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/review-twinkle-and-the-little-red-ball-by-pcmarotta