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All my Books are FREE on Smashwords for the rest of July!

I don't normally come onto Booklikes to push my books. I'm normally here to share what I'm reading and my latest reviews, not much else. But I figured I should let you all in on an opportunity you might not be aware of yet.

For the month of July, Smashwords has a sitewide promotion which allows authors to include their book(s) for a discount of 25-100% off. I normally take advantage of this in order to reach new readers, especially those who might not be able to afford a new book all the time.


...this means that until the end of July ALL of my books are FREE. I already have 3 ebooks free normally (I Would, Words, and Breakfast in Bed), but now you can also grab From Where I Stand (my full-length and debut collection) as well as Winter's Homecoming and Other Poems (my chapbook).


So if you haven't seen me pushing this everywhere else (my Facebook page, Twitter, etc.) you haven't missed out just yet. July isn't over! Head on over to my Smashwords profile and check out the book! *Coupons to grab the non-free books for free can be found directly under the buy button on the books' pages*