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Review: Twins & Virgins, by Vonnick de Rosmadec

Twins & Virgins (Hot Pleasures) - Vonnick de Rosmadec

This is the second story from Rosmadec that I’ve read. It’s also connected to that story, The Wildest Ride , being that they both take place at the Chateau des Plaisirs. They also share a few characters.

In this story, the reader gets to enjoy a very detailed encounter between two sets of twins. It’s also a deflowering scene for the female twins. I felt that it was building up nicely, and compared to many other erotic stories of the sub-genre out there, this one didn’t portray the loss one’s virginity as something to jump into and all is fine. Despite this, my main issue with the story was that with all the build up, the actual goal (deflowering) happened and was over almost right away. The intercourse ended right there and soon the story, as well. The rest felt realistic until that point and, for me, it ruined the story.

I did enjoy this story over the other I read from this author, but like that one, I felt Twins & Virgins had some issues.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/review-three-erotic-short-stories