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Review: The Wildest Ride, by Vonnick de Rosmadec

The Wildest Ride (Hot Pleasures) - Vonnick de Rosmadec

This was an ok short story. It feels to be part of something bigger (series of connected stories) possibly, due to it setting up Ghislaine’s château  and hinting at what goes on there. It also helped establish two characters who were left behind during the second half of the story. I’m hoping that they come back in future stories, but at from only having this story it was a little cumbersome to get so much of Ghislaine and Mimi only to get to the meat of the story with Florence and Bertrand. As two separate stories this would have worked better for me. Or at least a single story with both these scenes expanded, evened out.


All in all, this caught my interest with its characters and possibility for more stories at this château/castle. The writing could have been a bit less surface level though. I have another story from de Rosmadec ready to read. I’ll have to see how that one ends up.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/review-three-erotic-short-stories