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Review: See You on the Other Side, by India Reid

See You on the Other Side - India Reid

This was the third story I’ve read from India Reid. I enjoyed the other two stories I read from this author, and this falls right in line with those.

I’m enjoying the fact that Reid can take one global situation (a comet set on a collision course with Earth in six months) and come up with a variety of stories about people from all walks of life dealing with the knowledge of their impending doom. The creativity to write these different scenarios is what keeps me coming back for more. What also has me grabbing more stories is the character development.

For an erotic short story, Reid takes the time to develop the characters, emotions, and the world surrounding it all. This is a constant in Reid’s work. With this story, Bobby was an interesting character to read because he wasn’t that likeable. He’s kind of an ass, though he does have a conscience and some redeeming qualities. I wasn’t too sure if I was enjoying reading from his point of view at first and felt sympathy toward his wife, Karen more than anything else. Upon finishing the story and seeing where it went, I know that it wouldn’t have been as deep of a story if Karen’s POV were used.

Since, as I mentioned, this is an erotic story, there comes a time for something sensual and sexy to occur. While I praise Reid for the development of the story, I felt that for once, the erotic “climax” was a little underdone. I could have used a little more balance with the rest of the story elements due to the genre. But still, it was tasteful and it’s better to have less sex than too much. I’ve read stories that are almost all sex, but have no way to connect with the characters or situations.

To summarize, this was another story I greatly enjoyed from India Reid. I’m hoping Reid is working on a longer work, though. I have a feeling that with more space to write, even greater things will come from this author’s pen.

Source: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/review-see-you-on-the-other-side-by-cerebraltart